OTCC weekly workout schedule, including S.W.E.E.T.

Subject to last minute changes. Check with contacts below or check out the Facebook Group by going here.

Day Time Description
Monday 4:00 PM

CYCLE Swamp Park Road Entrance, Intermediate-Advanced speed

Tuesday 6:00 AM

WALK YMCA track. Walk for 3+ miles, 1 hour

Orrie McCrea 332-0837

Tuesday 5:30 PM

RUN Ware Co. Middle School  track. Speed work

Ron Crosby 282-0703

Wednesday 6:30 PM

RUN YMCA Fornt parking lot, 3+ easy miles

Ron Crosby 282-0703

Thursday 6:00 PM

BOOT CAMP YMCA Track – focus on glutes & core

Orrie McCrea 332-0837

Friday Rest

Relax, Yoga, or post your event on Facebook.

Saturday 7:30 AM

CYCLE New Life AOG Church, Golf Course RD Intermediate

Doug Vinson 674-4113

Sunday 5:00 AM

RUN YMCA (front parking lot) 5 mile run

Ron Crosby 282-0703

Sunday 6:00 AM

RUN YMCA (front parking lot) Part 2, 5+ mile run

Ron Crosby 282-0703

Sunday  2:00 PM

CYCLE Laura Walker State Park Beginner-Intermediate

Ceci Johnson or Marsha McCrea