Shout Out

To coaches Ansley Martin Watley and Marie Watkins for leading C25K programs for the YMCA’s Team Lean Challenge.  This program helped folks ease into running, lose some pounds and strengthened our relationship to the YMCA. Well Done!

To all of the volunteers and participants for the 40th Annual Okefenokee Swamp Run. It was an EPIC event, and worthy of a 40th celebration.  We exceeded our goals in every category,

  • 10k participants: registered 180, around 150 actually ran, the rest were ghost runners or no shows.
  • 1 mile participants: 70
  • Sponsorships: 48 sponsors with $7,000 in sponsorship money – many members help to secure these!

There was an army of volunteers, I can’t hope to name them all, I believe folks have been acknowledging every one on Facebook.

I did want to acknowledge Race Director Heather Hall, Head Chef William Hall, Head Registrar Marsha McCrea, Route Explorers Ron Crosby and Jeff Chaney,  Officers Ansley Watley and Jennifer Smith who helped in many ways, from finances, bag stuffing, promotion and registration. And Mary Woodruff for her inspiration and promotion of the 1 mile race.

Special Thanks to Mike Williams, Director of the Georgia Lions Camp for the Blind. The Lions made us feel very welcomed, they do not charge anything, and they have a great facility The Swamp Run has found a home!

Thanks for the photography of Tammy Hassenpflug and Connor Selph.

Big Thanks to Dixon Memorial for approval to run in the State Forest, Thanks Charles Strickland!

Big Thanks to the Hunting Club that lets us run and did not shoot anyone! Thanks Jeff Chaney!

Swamp Run Feedback

Great job on the race. I enjoyed the run and the organization of the day was great!! Cliff K

I thought you guys did a wonderful job again this year!!!!! And as always, know that I have no problem finishing last so I can gather the little flags and cones along the way as I go!!!!!!!!!!! John H.

Just wanted to say thanks for a great event!  Our Valdosta tribe had a blast in the swamp and we LOVE those t-shirts!!  Can’t wait for next year! Lisa W.

The Swamp Run was excellent, 100% Trail, fun and real. 5 star event! Marco A. Ayulo, MD.

I’ve ran the last 6 runs this was the best so far. Great spirit and atmosphere. R. Thrift