This week goes to Ron Crosby, who celebrated his 68th birthday with a 68 mile run! WOW! Ron is a coach and mentor to many us, including to me. He is the heart and soul of OTCC, greatly appreciate him!

Ron’s 68 mile Journal:

I appreciate all the birthday wishes. Due to being under the weather part of last month, lack of proper training, and several other excuses, the 68th Birthday Day Run was not decided upon until a couple of days ahead. At age 62 & 65, I ran alone, and 68 is much, much better. This time, Event Coordinator Jennifer Smith put the word out, loaded up supplies, and we were off. I appreciate the friends that responded immediately, and gave part of their weekend to running and supporting. Thanks to Jennifer Hood Smith, Cori Clark Barclift, Ansley Martin Watley, Chad Dill, William Ramsey Hall, Heather Mock Hall, Jeff Chaney, Mary Ann Chaney, Ashley Forbus, Stephen McNally, Tim Tatum, and Miles Smith.

For those of us who are in bed by 9:30, it is interesting to see what goes on after midnight.

Just some random thoughts.

-We saw possum, geese, fox (near the Y).

-Two pet rabbits crossed a city street.

– On a dark road, a car load of people pulled over, turned their lights out, powered their windows down, and watched us run by.

-Four shoe rotations. Glad I found Hoka brand a few years ago.

-A friend stopped in the middle of a road to talk & encourage, causing a backup.

-Our group often talks of proper nutrition, but the bed of the pickup was like a feeding trough loaded with chips, cookies, sugar-loaded cold drinks.

-A heavy metal band playing at the fairgrounds could be heard for miles.

-A deputy sheriff saw runners with flashlights at 2 am on Central Avenue, and checked to see if we were ok. We lied and said yes.

-Local dogs don’t sleep at night. Some wait until you are within 3’ of their fence to make you aware of their presence.

-A few hecklers.

-A stop to visit with a wedding party.

-Tylenol comes in horse pill size, a good thing.

-Vaseline is toes best friend.

-68 birthday shirt.

-Unusually cool night, 62 degrees.

-Birthday presents – flash light, tank top, ab wheel roller, Bean Boozled Jelly Beans game (with flavors such as dead fish, rotten egg, stinky socks).

-Within 100 yards of the finish, a real or perceived abduction was about to take place. A vehicle passing in opposite direction, stopped and opened a rear door, but apparently was scared away by loud and much talking.

-So many comments on Facebook during and after run, can’t say enough, thanks.

-My Garmin bit the dust at mile 39. A borrowed one was delivered, & I was not smart enough to operate it. Another runner used their Garmin, which lost the charge about a mile from the finish. So, Jennifer to the rescue with the Honda odometer.

-Huddle House afterwards. Waffles with friends, a good conclusion.